eUICC Manufacturers (EUMs)

Introduction #

EUM is the abbreviation of eUICC manufacturer

Verified EUM Identification Number #

89033023 (FR) #

Manufacturer by Thales (former Gemalto)


89033024 (FR) #

Manufacturer by IDEMIA (former Oberthur)

89034011 (ES) #

Manufacturer by Valid

Stock: VLID3.SA

89041030 (CH) #

Manufacturer by STMicroelectronics

  • (EUM certificate missing)

89043051 (AT) #

Manufacturer by NXP


89043052 (AT) #

Manufacturer by NXP

  • 89435211030001 (NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH)
    Key ID: (EUM certificate missing)

89044045 (GB) #

Manufacturer by Kigen

Used by Jola eSIM

  • (EUM certificate missing)

89044047 (GB) #

Manufacturer by Truphone

89049032 (DE) #

Manufacturer by Giesecke+Devrient

89049038 (DE) #

Manufacturer by Giesecke+Devrient

89086001 (CN) #

Manufacturer by Hengbao

Stock: 002104.SZ

89086029 (CN) #

Manufacturer by Wuhan Tianyu

Stock: 300205.SZ

89086030 (CN) #

Manufacturer by Eastcompeace

Stock: 002104.SZ

Unverified EUM Identification Number #

89033006 (FR) #

Manufacturer by IDEMIA (former Oberthur)

89045051 (DK) #

Manufacturer by N/A

89049033 (DE) #

Manufacturer by N/A

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References #